Will You(nique) be my Valentine?

IMG_0195It’s Valentines Day, and I’m so fortunate to have a life filled with love – love for my husband and children, love for my family and friends, and love for my Younique business. I love Younique’s products. I love that they are safe and gentle and cruelty-free and made with the highest-quality ingredients. I love how they make me look. I love Younique because my business allows me to help support my family without sacrificing the time and flexibility I need to write (another thing I love). I love that Younique presenters are a community of women supporting, encouraging and empowering each other, and I love being my own boss in a job that gives me the privilege of helping women feel beautiful every single day. I also love talking about Younique. I could honestly go on and on. If you’re looking for something like this in your life, contact me through my website!


Why Younique?


Wondering why I joined Younique? Because I wanted to be a part of something that is uplifting, empowering, and validating women all over the world every single day. For a $99 one-time investment, I received the presenter kit filled with products I love and use, including Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash mascara, and I received all of the support and materials I needed to start my business.

There are so many things I love about this business.

  1. I work 100% from home and I control my schedule. I love having the flexibility to work when and where I want to work.
  2. Younique is a supportive community of presenters. We support and encourage each other to reach our goals.
  3. I love these products. They’re gentle, hypoallergenic, and they’re made with the highest-quality ingredients. They’re cruelty free, most are gluten free, and many are vegan. Most importantly, they work beautifully.
  4. Younique pays commissions on sales every single day. You never have to wait for the commissions you earn to be available to you.
  5. You get out of it what you put into it. Whether you want to spend a couple of hours a week talking about makeup on Facebook and earning some extra spending money or turn this into a significant earning opportunity, you can grow this business any way you’d like.
  6. $99 for the presenter kit is ALL you’re ever required to spend for this opportunity. There’s no autoship, no required purchases, no ongoing expenses required by Younique. I earned my investment back in commissions in my first couple of weeks as a Younique presenter.

As your sponsor, I’ll provide training and resources to help you get up and running, and I’ll always be available to assist you in your business. Contact me today to get started!

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Just days after I had started my Younique business I was en route to a business event with my husband, and I thought I looked great. My lashes were on point, and I wanted to take a selfie to share with friends and potential clients to illustrate what Younique’s 3d Fiber Lashes can really do. I thought I was pretty hot stuff.

And my iPhone camera was set to video, so this happened instead.

It’s hilarious, and it’s a good reminder to myself, and everyone else, to not take yourself too seriously.

Younique’s Amazing 3d Fiber Lash Mascara

1896843_750560868082_104600127_nI’m a Younique Independent Presenter, and I love everything about this business. Younique is a company that strives to uplift, empower, and validate women, and those are values with which I strongly identify. I’ve never been attracted to direct sales opportunities in the past, because I didn’t want to commit the time and energy to traveling around to in-home parties. I identify as an ambivert, a nice balance of introversion and extroversion, and while I am just extroverted enough to make that work, the introvert in me would be exhausted and completely depleted all the time. My Younique business is done primarily online, a medium in which I thrive.

What attracted me to the Younique opportunity in the first place, other than the enthusiasm, passion and success of my friend and sponsor Morgan Crane, was honestly the 3d Fiber Lash mascara. My natural lashes are just okay. They’re kind of fine, medium length, not very thick, and they’re (gasp) graying. Ugh. My biggest obstacle with mascaras has been sensitive eyes. I’m a very emotional person, meaning I cry if I’m happy, sad, or sometimes just tired, like a toddler. The problem I’ve had with mascaras is that crying instantly gets mascara into my eyes, then my eyes turn red and itch and burn and nothing but a span of several hours and some Benadryl gives me any relief.

Enter Younique’s mascara. It’s a three-step process, which may sound intimidating, but it’s super-easy. It’s just like applying normal mascara. You apply the gel (very similar to normal mascara) to one set of lashes, brush on the green tea fibers to add volume and length to your lashes, and then finish it with another coat of gel to seal the fibers to your lashes. That’s it.

I’ve cried in this mascara, I’ve gone running in the rain in this mascara, I’ve slept in this mascara, and I’ve never once had any burning sensation or eye irritation from it. It’s naturally-based, cruelty free, and the results are amazing. Rather than tell you about the results, let me show you.

The top photo features my old mascara, Bare Escentuals Lash Domination, which retails for $18.00. The bottom photo shows the difference of Younique’s 3d Fiber Lashes. Day 2 post 2

Now look at the difference between bare lashes and 3d Fiber Lashes. In the top left photo I have nothing but Younique’s Glorious Primer (phenomenal product, and more on this in another post.) All of my makeup is done except for mascara  in the top right photo. Bottom left photo, one eye has no mascara and one eye has one coat of Younique’s 3d Fiber Lashes. In the bottom right photo, all of my makeup is done. picstitch (1)

This product is gentle for sensitive eyes, it’s naturally-based, it’s cruelty free, it’s gluten free, the results are dramatic and awesome, and it’s $29 for a three-month supply. Order yours today! If you’re interest in speaking with me about the Younique opportunity, I would be thrilled to share more information with you. Contact me through my website!

The Importance of Skincare

skin care

If we’re talking about beauty, it’s important to discuss the most foundational element of beauty, which is skincare. You can put all kinds of money and time into makeup, but if the canvas you’re applying it to isn’t in great shape, it’s an issue. You can maximize your beauty investment without sacrificing a lot of additional money and time by taking great care of your skin.

1.  Wear sunscreen.

Seriously, wear it. Even if you’re just getting casual exposure as opposed to sunbathing, those UV rays are sucking all the life out of your skin and making you age. We’re all going to age anyway, and we don’t need any help with that, thank you very much. Shoot for an SPF of at least 30, and apply it every single day, even in the winter. You want a brand that’s non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

2.  Use a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser.

I have combination skin, and it’s difficult to find something that strikes the balance between keeping my oily T-zone under control and not drying out my cheeks. I’m using Younique’s Illuminate Clean cleanser ($39), which is a naturally-based product specifically designed for sensitive and normal to dry skin, and it’s phenomenal. My face feels so clean after washing, but it doesn’t strip all of the natural oils from the dry areas of my face.

3. Moisturize. 

Even if you’re using a gentle cleanser, your skin needs to stay moisturized. You want something that’s not greasy, that doesn’t have fragrance added (fragrance is responsible for a lot of allergic reactions or sensitivity issues with beauty products), and something that provides adequate moisture and keeps your skin looking young. I love Younique products because they’re naturally based, and I have very sensitive skin and they’re extremely gentle. Younique’s Divine Daily Moisturizer ($39) is my go-to here.

4. Take care of the delicate skin around your eyes. 

This is where many of us show signs of aging first. Every smile, every tear you’ve shed in your life can be seen in the fine lines around your eyes, and it’s important to take particular care with this delicate skin. The very best product I have ever used on this area is Younique’s Uplift Eye Serum, and it’s not close. This product looks pricy ($65) but one bottle lasts me for several months. I use just one small drop at a time. I have tried a ton of different products to take care of this sensitive area, and they often burn my skin or provide inadequate moisture. This product is incredibly gentle and works so well.

5. Hydrate.

Proper hydration is an underrated facet of caring for your skin, not just on your face, but everywhere. To determine the proper amount of water that you need to be appropriately hydrated each day, divide your weight by two, and the result is the number of ounces of water your body needs each day to be fully hydrated. If you weight 130 pounds, you need 65 ounces of water per day, which is a little over the eight cups of water people consider to be the daily standard.

When you start focusing on hydrating properly each day, you may notice that your skin gets worse before it gets better. This is normal, so don’t be discouraged by it. The additional hydration is flushing toxins out of your system that may manifest in the form of breakouts. Once your system has adapted to proper hydration you’ll see a dramatic difference in how young and clean and fresh your skin looks.

What are your best skincare tips? What products do you love?