Younique’s Amazing 3d Fiber Lash Mascara

1896843_750560868082_104600127_nI’m a Younique Independent Presenter, and I love everything about this business. Younique is a company that strives to uplift, empower, and validate women, and those are values with which I strongly identify. I’ve never been attracted to direct sales opportunities in the past, because I didn’t want to commit the time and energy to traveling around to in-home parties. I identify as an ambivert, a nice balance of introversion and extroversion, and while I am just extroverted enough to make that work, the introvert in me would be exhausted and completely depleted all the time. My Younique business is done primarily online, a medium in which I thrive.

What attracted me to the Younique opportunity in the first place, other than the enthusiasm, passion and success of my friend and sponsor Morgan Crane, was honestly the 3d Fiber Lash mascara. My natural lashes are just okay. They’re kind of fine, medium length, not very thick, and they’re (gasp) graying. Ugh. My biggest obstacle with mascaras has been sensitive eyes. I’m a very emotional person, meaning I cry if I’m happy, sad, or sometimes just tired, like a toddler. The problem I’ve had with mascaras is that crying instantly gets mascara into my eyes, then my eyes turn red and itch and burn and nothing but a span of several hours and some Benadryl gives me any relief.

Enter Younique’s mascara. It’s a three-step process, which may sound intimidating, but it’s super-easy. It’s just like applying normal mascara. You apply the gel (very similar to normal mascara) to one set of lashes, brush on the green tea fibers to add volume and length to your lashes, and then finish it with another coat of gel to seal the fibers to your lashes. That’s it.

I’ve cried in this mascara, I’ve gone running in the rain in this mascara, I’ve slept in this mascara, and I’ve never once had any burning sensation or eye irritation from it. It’s naturally-based, cruelty free, and the results are amazing. Rather than tell you about the results, let me show you.

The top photo features my old mascara, Bare Escentuals Lash Domination, which retails for $18.00. The bottom photo shows the difference of Younique’s 3d Fiber Lashes. Day 2 post 2

Now look at the difference between bare lashes and 3d Fiber Lashes. In the top left photo I have nothing but Younique’s Glorious Primer (phenomenal product, and more on this in another post.) All of my makeup is done except for mascara  in the top right photo. Bottom left photo, one eye has no mascara and one eye has one coat of Younique’s 3d Fiber Lashes. In the bottom right photo, all of my makeup is done. picstitch (1)

This product is gentle for sensitive eyes, it’s naturally-based, it’s cruelty free, it’s gluten free, the results are dramatic and awesome, and it’s $29 for a three-month supply. Order yours today! If you’re interest in speaking with me about the Younique opportunity, I would be thrilled to share more information with you. Contact me through my website!


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